Short Poems

A collection of a few short poems I’ve written.

Bleeding Heart

“She keeps broken glass where her heart use to be, so if she moves just right she’ll feel pain where her heart use to beat. She walks around with blood draining from her chest, trying to cover up all the sins that were sinned against…her. Searching, barely breathing, screaming…”Someone please reach me.” “I’m begging, I’m needing, someone please hear me. Love me.” She needs to know, there is a love that will never let go, or grow cold. Even in all the pain; there is One who will love her anyway.”


You’ll never know… Until I’m gone.

“We… We never met face to face, but I heard your daughter say; you had some things to say… About me. About my looks. About how I dress. About everything about me apparently. You see, I see through you. You’re afraid that I’m gonna be like a guy that you once knew. But, it’s not true. Unlike him, I know about respect, expect me to treat her right. Expect me to be THE guy.. That sweeps her off her feet. Like Christ did to me… Alright? Because of you, we’ll never know what could have been. But I press on, and live life the best I can.”



“Dig dirt deeper, longer, wider, higher, as long as you can fit your sins in, and forget about them. You’ll be alright, just hold to your heartstrings tight, and keep one eye open at night. They want to dig up your sins and throw them at your feet, while you sleep, while you’re vulnerable and weak. Keep an eye open, and be willing to fight the darkness of night. Because the bigger the sin, the deeper the grave, you’re only decieving yourself, they know you’re a fake. Dig deeper holes, and bury your sins from the world. You will be found out.”


Me Ever Growing

“She gazed at me with that stone cold stare, I glared knowing she never cared. She never shared a true moment with me, where she wasn’t fake, wasn’t cold, and didn’t break me. I was always a.pawn in her game, and what a valiant game I played. If you wonder if I’m over her, I am, I stand here, unashamed to say; my one true love isn’t far away. I feel her, see her in my mind, all the time, I dream. I dream of her; with her hands in mine. She’s close. She’s coming.”

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