You are worth more.


You sit there mad at the world. You’re afraid to love. You think no one will ever love you again. If you couldn’t keep one guy happy, what’s the chance of keeping someone else. You put a smile on your face to hide the tears you’re crying on the inside. You scream at the top of your lungs but no one hears a sound. You are reaching out, but your arms never move. You were told you were worthless and that you would never amount to anything, so you do the best to prove him right. You drink to dull the pain of the cigarette burns on your hands and the track marks on your arm. You are so beautiful, but you’ll never see it on your own. He drove you to a place of self-hatred that you can not come out of alone. You are so beautiful, baby girl. You are worth more.

You surround yourself with friends, but you’re all alone. The medications temporarily make you happy, but you know it’s not worth much. You claim God has control of your life, but secretly you doubt his existence. So you fill yourself with pills and liquids that altar your mind long enough to get a false since of hope. You look for love in the wrong places, so lust becomes an easy substitute. The pleasures these guys give you makes you feel good in the moment, but drives you into a horrible depression once they leave your bed, and you’re all alone. But baby girl, you’re beautiful. If no one else will love you, I will. You’re worth more.

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