A Lifeless Body

Do you have faith? Like do you seriously have faith in someone or something? That’s one thing that is very hard for me. I have faith in God, and he knows it. But I too often feel like I’m not demonstrating it to him.

You know how when you’re dating someone, you’re suppose to trust them, not only trust them, but also SHOW them that you trust them. That’s what God wants from us in our relationship with Him. Not only does He want us to have faith in Him, He wants us to prove to Him that we trust him, by our actions. The bible compares faith with out actions, to a body without breath. (Just as the body is dead without breath, so also faith is dead without good works. James 2:26)

So what are you doing to show God that you’re not dead? Are you obeying his word? Are you using the time you’ve been given with friends to witness to them? You can’t love God, and keep him to yourself. It’s not biblical! Matthew 28 says that once you have experienced God’s love, you are to take it to the ends of the earth. Make the most of every moment you have, you really don’t know when God will take the final breath from your body.

I hope this will encourage you to demonstrate a little more action to God. When He sent his son to die for us, that was the biggest action of love He could have done.

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