I am as guilty, as every one of you.

I’m a fake. I mean, we all are. But it feels good to get it off my chest. I think so much is expected of me, that people tend to forget that I’m human. Then, there are other people who look at me and only see my flaws. It’s okay, I’m not too worried.

I tend to look at people and make snap judgements, it’s one of my many flaws. People do that to me too, it’s okay. Like if you were to see me, on the street some things that might come to mind are: “He looks high, I bet he’s a drug addict.” That’s usually because I’m always sleepy, therefore am rubbing my eyes. Or “That guy is totally gothic”, Which if you think that, I might be making a snap judgement here, but you’re stupid!!

But we all are guilty of being fake. Of seeing the little flaws and issues that other people have, when we have craploads of sins we are dealing with. It just makes us feel better when we put other people down. I know we all have heard about Matthew 7, where it talks about seeing the speck in someones eye, when we have a massive plank coming out of our own eye. I want to share that verse with you, but in The Message’s version. It says: “It’s this whole traveling road-show mentality all over again, playing a holier-than-thou part instead of just living your part. Wipe that ugly sneer off your own face, and you might be fit to offer a washcloth to your neighbor.” Matthew 7:5.

I’ve been told by some people, that they see Jesus through me. That’s an awesome compliment, but a dificult standard to live up to. I hope that everything I do, points to Christ’s love. The only reason I mentioned the above, is to tell you this next story.

I went to a concert last night, well I got there late, so I only saw like four songs, but it was worth it. I was dressed in cut off jeans, slip-on shoes, a v-neck, and a hoodie. When I walked in the church, I got massive amounts of ugly looks. I made my way to the front to be as close to the band as possible. When I arrived at my destination, where I would be for the rest of the concert, the ugly looks kept coming, and I started to feel very uncomfortable. The band started to play a song about how we treat Jesus so badly, but He loves us anyway. People start lifting their hands and screaming the lyrics back to the band in worship, then… The vocalist asked everyone to hold hands, it was like everyone used that oppurtunity to get as far away from me as possible, and I was left in a gap by myself, with no one wanting to share God’s love with me. I just closed my eyes and started singing to God. It was right then when, I realized, that even when everyone else sees the speck in my eye, and focuses on it. God sees my heart, because he has no plank in his, he can see right to the center of me.

God knows who you are, he sees down to the deepest part of your soul, and yet he loves you anyway. Don’t worry about everyone else, just focus on you and God. Life is much more peaceful when we start focusing on fixing ourselves before we fix others.

2 thoughts on “I am as guilty, as every one of you.

  1. Dude! Awesome post. People usually like to conform so that they don’t experience this type of rejection. They never become themselves and in turn never truly learn what you are discussing. This is the realm where the shallow and pious reign. 2 Tim 3:5 brother. By the simple fact that they didn’t run over and greet you means that they missed the point. They are the ones who need the prayer and intervention.

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