Us, from the outside.

Us, From The Outside.

(How unbelievers see Christians)

I see you at my job, I see you at a restaurant and in the grocery store.

You have the worst attitude I have ever seen, You do nothing but complain.

You leave bad tips, and a tract that I just throw away anyway.

95% of you that go to church, don’t go for the right reasons.

You go to hang out with your firends, and talk about sports.

Most of you don’t even go into service at all.

The 5% of you who do go for the right reason, don’t get anything out of it.

You sit quietly, and listen to the preacher, cause that’s what you were taught.

But then you go out and live your life, not allowing it to change you.

And you are constantly bringing up hate, I thought Jesus was about love.

But I hear you say that you hate homosexuals, and drug addicts, and prostitutes.

I’m pretty sure you are hating the people that Jesus was around the most.

But I mean, you do love, I can’t take that away from you.

You love money, and being greedy, and judging others.

I’m not trying to be mean, but if you are going to take a stand for Christ.

At least stop giving him a bad name, by the way that you live.

We are tired of your lies, we just want you to be yourself around us.

Don’t think that you have to be all fancy around us, just tell us what’s on your heart.

Live the way Jesus would, Live a life trying to make a difference.


Some of the topics in the essay above, are from actual conversations I have had with unbelievers. I’m not just making this stuff up. This is how we as Christ Followers are honestly seen most of the time. It’s time to make a change.

10 thoughts on “Us, from the outside.

  1. Well said Stephen! As Christians we have been eating our own as well! Back biting after leaving the building we worship, instead of Christ. We talk about the clothes someone wore that was tattered and torn, we complain about that crazy lady at the front of the church that always raises her hands when the songs are sung, and shouts Amen and Hallelujah when the precher man is giving the sermon! (that was me, the crazy lady), I am so tired of the body of the dead, they gnaw off the part of the body of Christ that still has life in it. They don’t understand what it means to be a Christ follower. It is this very reason why God is rising His remnant church and believers to prepare us for the harvest!

    I encourage you to continue to write and pray over it so that it will cause some discomfort among the church!

    God Job and when are YOU going to come see ME at Reach Point!!!! We have several that come from Orangeburg, so you can ride with them. Johnathan Russell comes when he can.

  2. The hear the heart of Christ speaking through you. Transformed hearts, starting with mine. Thank-you for the challenge and for the Truth.

  3. Stephen,
    You and I are on the same page. Atheists et al are justified, in my opinion, in the way that they feel. The feeling that most people leave church with now is a feeling of superiority. “I know what’s right and you don’t”. “Do what I tell you to do and you’ll be ok, because you suck and I don’t”. This is the overarching view atheists have and many to most of them were Christian at one time.

    Another friend was told by a friend of hers that the father took his 18 yr/old son to a strip joint for graduation. Many of the posts responded with “well that’s ok. At least they are communicating.” THESE ARE CHRISTIANS! The Bible says one thing and people just don’t believe it or don’t know what it says. Either way, they are still Christians doing whatever they want. Now, the “good” Christians are highly critical and in some cases derogatory towards the family that stated that it was ok. Both cases are distasteful.

    We need to stand our ground and stick to the morals of the Bible and still be open to error. We don’t need to cricize, we need to open discussion. help people make a stand for or against God based on information and education and not the negative emotions that most Christians project.

    I know this is long. Sorry!

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