A New Beginning..

So, if you’ve known me since i moved back to the USofA than you know that i was in a “christian” band for two and a half years. The Band was called “A Gift Wrapped in Blood” (AGWIB). We shared the stage with some national acts auch as Left to Vanish, Bloodline Calligraphy, and Twelve Gauge Valentine. We ultimately got to the point where we weren’t doing it for the purpose we had started out for. It had become about us, and our selfish desires.

Even though i wanted to be in a band for so long, i decided to take a hiatus until God had a different plan for me. So i focused on work and the youth ministry at my church. God has really been showing me A LOT about patience, I’ve always been an impatient kind of guy, but God has shown me that his timing is perfect.

As of 12/10/09 I’m the new vocalist of the band Ninjaloot, we have been writing and just praying about what God is going to do with the new changes in the band. We know that God isn’t done with us yet, and that if he has put us all together it is with a purpose.

Line-Up for the first show on December 29th

Your Chance To Die
Divide The Sea
Send The Seraph
We Sail At Dawn
Von Wolf

New Brookland Tavern
8 bucks under 21 / 5 bucks over 21

Line-up for the 10 bands for $10 New Year Show on December 31st

We Sail At Dawn
Send The Seraph
City Under Flames
Last Breath of August
Kill Me A Bear
Josh Bennett
Charlie McIver
One More Pending

Gaston Civic Center

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