Never Been A Betting Man..

If you know me then, you probably know what my favorite sports are. The one at the top of the list is definitely Soccer, the real gentleman’s sport.

Well coming around in June of 2010 will be the 19th FIFA World Cup and it will be hosted by the country of South Africa. If you know anything about Soccer, you know that the US National Team has never been any good. The best result they ever had was back in 1930 when they got a 3rd place finish. But their are high hopes for the US team this year, they finished with a total of 20 points leading their qualifying division.

The reason all this back story was given was for this next part. A buddy of mine from work and I were talking about the upcoming World Cup and the fact that the US probably doesn’t have a chance at all. So we made a bet, No, no money involved, i barely have money as it is. Actually one thing that i hold very near and dear to my heart is my beard. Something my friend holds near to his heart is his Jew-Fro. So the bet has been made, if the US somehow manages to pull off the upset of a lifetime, my beard, and his hair are going to be shaved.

So July 11th in Johannesburg South Africa the whole world will be watching, If somehow, some miracle occurs and The US National Soccer Team makes it to the final on that day, we will be cheering them on 100%. But, if they should lose, we won’t complain too much.

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