Secular Bands On Christian Labels???

Ok so one big pet peeve i have is that now-a-days there is a growing amount of Christian Labels who are signing openly secular bands. I have gotten the question “Well, what about Christian Bands signing to openly secular labels?” Which is a fantastic question, and this is how i respond.

Secular Record Labels have one mission, to make as much money as possible in as little time as possible. But if they are a good Record Label they will look out for their bands. So if a christian band signs to an openly secular Record Label as long as they keep their feet on the straight and narrow, they should be fine. All the Label will do is help get their music out.

But with Christian Labels it should be more then just about money, it should be about seeing souls get saved for the cause of Jesus Christ. So if you have a band who isn’t Ministering while they are on stage or in their music, what good is it for them to be on a christian label? Labels such as ToothandNail and SolidState both started of as Christian Labels but have slowly been incorporating Secular bands and to me it’s really a shame.

One Label that has Kept it real, is Facedown Records.
All of their bands are open about what they believe and Minister on stage. Bands such as Impending Doom talk about Jesus all through their set and are open about talking about God after the show too.

I guess what i’m saying is that we need more bands that will stand up and not be cowards. But will openly preach the word of God.

This is Brooke Reeves from Impending Doom and I.

One thought on “Secular Bands On Christian Labels???

  1. Hey man. I agree. As a musician, for me sometimes there is a fine line as to what is appropriate to say, and what is being on a soap box. At the end of the day, if I said what Jesus wanted me to say then I’ve filled my mission.
    I am the singer for the band listed in the website.
    Please check that out if you like blatantly Christian lyrics.

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